Necessity Loan – How to process it

Good Credit, which allows consumers who want to use general-purpose loans to apply for loans over the internet, can meet their cash needs of up to 35 thousand USD without requesting a document.

While those who are already customers of Good Credit can make their loan allocations without going to the branch, consumers who have not opened an account before should go to the branch and open an account first.

Consumers who want to take advantage of the general-purpose loan product, which can be used with interest rates starting from 1.25 percent, can learn the credit evaluation result within 1 day.

Good Credit Necessity Loan

Good Credit Necessity Loan

Consumers who can apply for a loan through Good Credit’s website or mobile banking application do not need to vouch for the approved loan application, submit an income certificate or provide a guarantee.

The needs up to 35 thousand USD are instantly transferred to the account if the account was opened. Loan applications over 35 thousand USD are accepted as pre-application status and it is requested to submit various documents by going to the branch in order to complete the allocation process.

The loan interest rate is determined based on the credit rating of the applicant consumer. The interest rate starts from 1.25%.

Good Credit 30 thousand USD Demand Loan Calculation

Good Credit 30 thousand USD Demand Loan Calculation

In addition to the loan interest rate that may differ from person to person, a 0.5% loan allocation fee and a life insurance premium payment, which may vary depending on the loan amount, should also be made. These costs are not included in the calculation below.

Payment to be made in case of an application for a loan of 30 thousand USD:

  • For a 12-month term, 2750 USD each month, a total of 33.004 USD,
  • 1497 USD per month for a 24-month term, a total of 35.945 USD,
  • 1084 USD each month for a 36-month maturity, 39.044 USD in total
  • 881 USD per month for a 48-month term, a total of 42.300 USD,
  • For a term of 60 months, he has to pay 761 USD each month and 45.708 USD in total.

The loan interest rate used for the calculation is 1.25%. The said interest rate varies depending on the credit rating.

Good Credit Consumer Loan Application

Good Credit Consumer Loan Application

Consumers who want to apply for a general-purpose loan to Good Credit should follow the Loans> Consumer Loans> Online Loan> Apply Now steps after entering the website. The loan application will be evaluated and concluded within 24 hours.

Consumers who are currently Good Credit customers should submit an application after logging into the Mobile Branch mobile application. In case of a positive response to the loan application made through the mobile branch, it will be possible to allocate it from the same page.

Good Credit Loan Application Inquiry

Exceptionally, credit evaluations of consumers who apply online loan applications to Good Credit can take more than 1 day. In this case, consumers who are already customers of the bank should use the mobile branch application for inquiry and those who are not bank customers should call.

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